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Jasmine String

Jasmine String

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One box contains approximately 4 FT & 6 FT & 8 FT Fresh Jasmine String.

Experience the grace of our carefully chosen Jasmine Strings, expertly strung for a hint of refinement. Fill your room with the all-natural scent of fresh jasmine, which is ideal for parties, weddings, and as a flexible accent piece for décor. Sun-dried for brilliant colour, these eco-friendly strings capture the splendour of the natural world. 

Why pick Sai Flowers?

Packaged securely and airtight to preserve quality.

Jasmine Flowers from India.

Superior quality fresh flowers.

Long-lasting fragrance.

Newly imported from India, please allow one week for delivery if you place your order. Do you need something customized or urgently?

Give us a call at 📞  978-212-9004 to learn more.

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