About us

Sai Flowers Inc. is One stop store for all Pooja requirements.We Supply Fresh Flowers and Garlands for Indian Weddings and all Religious Occasions.Along with Fresh Flowers we have wide range of pooja items. All Fresh flowers and Hindu Spiritual Items under one roof.

The traditional and commonly used flowers Sai Flowers sell remind ย everyone of memories on how festivals and poojas are performed in India, as it is such a lovely moment to live.

Since opening for business a few years ago, Sai Flowers has been providing fresh flowers and pooja supplies to Indians residing in the US. There are 2 locations in 2 US cities. We import fresh flowers with the same fragrance from our ancestral homes in India and sell them in our stores. We also have a large number of delighted customers who have registered for online sales and door-to-door delivery.

The Indian community holds Sai Flowers in high regard for revitalizing Indian culture among Indian expatriates residing in the US. By delivering Indian flowers to their homes in the US, Sai Flowers has only assisted them in maintaining their culture. When Indian families want to perform pooja on special occasions like family weddings and all of the Indian festivals, Sai Flowers assists them with all the necessary pooja items and garlands made of top-notch flowers.

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