Please email contact@saiflowersinc.com or call our support team at 978 212 9004 if you have any questions that aren't addressed in these FAQs.

How can I sign up on saiflowersinc.com?
A: Go to our website's upper right corner and click the Sign Up link. Complete each field precisely. To finish the registration process, click the submit button. Additionally, a successful registration email is sent to you. You can now go shopping!

Q: How can we trust the company and why should we investigate this business?
A: Sai Flowers Inc. was founded in the US more than a 2 years ago, and ever since then, it has been providing fresh flowers and pooja supplies to the Indian community residing in the US. It features eight locations across four US cities, along with an order placement system on its orderly website. Fresh flowers bearing the same scent as those from your ancestral homes in India are being imported into the US, resulting in a large number of happy customers registering for online sales and door delivery, as well as a daily influx of satisfied customers visiting the outlets.

Q To what extent is it safe to place orders and make payments online?
A professional and committed team processes online orders placed on the company website every day. The business operates with a strong ethical code and puts forth great effort to maintain the Hindu religious tradition by offering high-quality services. The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), an EU law regulation on data protection and privacy for all individuals, and another regulatory requirement are adhered to by the company's website. It has a highly secure PayPal payment gateway, which ensures that your online payment is processed securely and that all of your personal information is kept private.

Q Which payment options are available?
A: If a customer has a PayPal account and would prefer to use it to make payments, all purchases made on our website and mobile app—which is scheduled for release soon—are made using that account. The consumer also has the option of using their cards, as all major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Q: Are your payment gateway methods secure?
A: There is complete security and safety in our payment gateway. We promise to keep all of your information private.

Q How can I tell if the order I placed on your website was fulfilled?
A confirmation email and text message will be sent to you as soon as we receive your order.

Q How are the flowers' quality, freshness, and fragrance preserved during their potentially multi-day journey from India?
vA: Skilled and committed groups are labouring in India from the crack of dawn to procure the highest calibre flowers from both the marketplace and the growers themselves. These flowers are handled in air-conditioned rooms and placed in specially designed air-cooled boxes. Our satisfied customers will attest that the flowers they purchase from us are of the highest quality and are the freshest available in India.

How are flowers transported from India to the United States?
A: Flowers are flown in air-cooled boxes and containers after being carefully packed.

What should I do if I have inquiries about a last-minute order?
Refer to http://www.saiflowersinc.com/ for more information.

How are flowers shipped?
A: FedEx priority overnight shipping is how we ship. To ensure that the flowers stay fresh until you receive them, we arrange them between sheets of ice.

Q: What should we do if we don't like the flowers or are dissatisfied with their quality?
A: As previously stated, we assure you of the quality of our flowers. Even so, our staff will help you return the flowers and get your money back if any of our customers are unhappy with them and can demonstrate that there is damage or spoiling on our end. However, the management of the company will have the final say on this.

After receiving flowers, how should we store them?
A: Could you please take off the ice sheets and chill the flowers? Strings of jasmine arrive in boxes. Place the boxes in the refrigerator. Garlands are packaged in clear sheets or butter paper. While the food is cooling, keep them on.

How do we submit an order?
A: You can place an order over the phone for in-store pickup. Please place your order online for shipping. The final page contains

When should we place our order, please?
A: Ordering time varies depending on what you order: 1) You can order jasmine or mullai strings and loose flowers by Thursday afternoon for delivery on Friday morning. 2) Garlands for Indian weddings or pujas must be ordered a week in advance. For instance, if you want delivery on Friday morning, your order needs to be placed by Saturday of the prior week. 3) USA-made garlands can be ordered a few days ahead of time. Busy weeks and festival times are the exceptions.

Q: What is the minimum order for shipping?
A: You can order any quantity for shipping. It is the shipping costs that will be added to the flowers.

What more can the business do to help us?
A: We would be pleased to make arrangements for an item to be delivered to your home from India if it is not available at the store closest to your house or if you are looking for a specific item from that country.

What happens if I need some items that are listed as "OUT OF STOCK"?
A: We make every effort to keep our inventory levels high enough to meet the increasing demand, but due to their popularity, some items may run out of stock. Please continue checking to see if the items you need have been restocked, as we are always adding new products. Send us an email at contact@saiflowersinc.com to expedite the delivery of the requested items.

How many days prior to the event should we place our order if it is for a bulk quantity, a large number of items, or for any special requirements related to a wedding or other occasion?
A week prior to the occasion.

What is the policy regarding returns?
A: We think it's important to go above and beyond. Therefore, you can return the item to us by sending an email to returnorders@saiflowersinc.com if you're not happy with your purchase. Please see our Refund and Return Policy for further details.