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1 packet contains approximately 150 gms Approx of Arali/Ganneru flowers.

Presenting the exquisite selection of Fresh Ganneru (Arali) and Nerium Oleander Flowers from Sai Flowers, which are well-known for their alluring charm and delightful scent. Our colorful flowers are a popular option, particularly when making offerings to gods such as Goddess Durga, Lord Murugar, and Lord Rama. These Arali flowers, which come in pink, red, and white, are particularly significant in the worship of Lord Ganesha on Ganesha Chaturthi.

We take great satisfaction in obtaining our extensive selection from reputable and licensed suppliers, rigorously testing every flower to guarantee freshness and quality. The color, purity, and freshness of these flowers are preserved for a long time by our meticulous packaging.

Why pick Sai Flowers?

Packaged securely and airtight to preserve quality.

Arali Flowers from India.

Superior quality fresh flowers.

Long-lasting fragrance.

Newly imported from India, please allow one week for delivery if you place your order. Do you need something customized or urgently?

Give us a call at 978-212-9004 to learn more.

Discover the elegance and beauty of Sai Flowers, where superior quality and freshness converge!

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